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Cowmoonications isn’t just about saying something, it is about cutting through the noise to get you herd. When you work with cowfinitive, you can rest assured that we will steer you in the right direction. The team at cowfinitive will help you milk every comms opportunity, beefing up your comms so that you make the cut and customers stampede to your door.

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Why Cows about Cambridge?

At cowfinitive, we care about creativity, arts, engagement & paying-it forward, so supporting the Moo Crew was a no-brainer. The cowfinitive Moo Crew are volunteers who will be helping out during the art parade, so you’ll be seeing them out and about in the city wearing their limited-edition t-shirts. The volunteer programme is an opportunity for people with a range of skills and availability to give back to their cowmoonity while helping across the art trail, which runs from 30 March until 6 June.

In a place like Cambridge with so much STEM, we think it is really important to get in more STEAM. Arts encourage creativity and give us all a reason to be alive. By supporting this project, we want to encourage conversations, foster employee engagement and help businesses interact with the city we live and work in. At cowfinitive, we want to show our support of something that brings the arts to the forefront over 12 weeks in Cambridge.

Like to know more about how you can get in involved with Cows about Cambridge? Get in touch today and we’ll steer you to the right people.

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As we were coming up with ideas for Cows about Cambridge for cowfinitive, we had a little fun – here are some of our outtakes – share yours on @Cofinitive #cowfinitive #CowsaboutCambridge

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